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The future's bright?

APG AI Survey

‘The future’s bright. The future’s Orange’ is one of my all-time favourite lines. Used to launch the Orange mobile service in the 90’s, it’s hard to conceive now that an advertising end-line could have such a grip on the collective consciousness. But this campaign did. And the line is still so powerful in my imagination that when I was writing the questionnaire for the APG’s AI survey earlier this year, it inspired a final, visually-based question about how people are feeling about the future with AI.


I miss that unalloyed optimism about technology. But I am optimistic about planners and strategists and how we are engaging with it. So please fill in our survey so that the APG AI working groups can shape their recommendations on behalf of everyone. We’ll debrief everything for you all, of course with a big bang of ideas and thinking early Autumn/Fall.

Sarah Newman

APG Director

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Noisy Thinking
Fact vs Fiction: Do we actually need insights?
30th July | 6pm-8pm BST | McCann

We’ll examine this theme as if through a prism, with provocations from some brilliant speakers. They will look at ads and campaigns that they’ve been involved in and some that are currently dominant in culture and ask: Are apparently chaotic fictional worlds really unmoored from insight? When can you reasonably leave insight behind? How do you sell an idea without an insight? Why do we need new insights anyway? Surely we can just recycle the old ones? 


Strategic Management Masterclasses with Craig+Bridget
Starting 24th September

🙇‍♂️ I find it baffling how ready some agencies are to promote really excellent planners into senior positions and serious departmental or management responsibility, with little or no preparation. Account people at least have a management structure implicit in the way they organised. It trains them on the job how to lead people and foster team culture. But strategists get a shiny new title and just have to busk it till they work out how to do it.

🦉 So a couple of years I got together with Bridget Angear and Craig Mawdsley to work out how this gap could be filled with practical, actionable and strategy-centric teaching. We wanted to create a course on how to make it in strategy management (by-passing the 'busking it' bit).

👨‍🏫 Craig and Bridget (c+b) led strategy at AMVBBDO over many years and managed one of the most successful ever planning functions as Heads of Department and Joint CSOs. So we tried to bottle all their experience and everything they learned about how to (and how not to) do it, and created a series of Strategy Management Masterclasses.

👩‍🎓 We just ran the 4th iteration of these classes with guest tutors Andy Nairn, Raquel Chicourel, Cat Wiles, Emily Harlock, Raj Nathwani, and Will Whalley. We covered the all important topics of managing other planners, creating culture, leading on new business, leading in the agency and managing yourself.

🤔 We had a group of lovely, serious, excellent planners who over the course of 5 weeks re-thought their role at work and learned a host of new ways of being a strategy leader with management responsibility. And no busking.

👩‍🏫 It's one of the most pleasurable and enlightening parts of my APG year. And I would like to pay tribute to all the delegates for giving so much to the programme, but mostly to Craig and Bridget who donate their time to share their wisdom and experience, in a spirit of complete openness and generosity. It's a massive boost to the APG and the planning community at large, and lets us off all that busking! A great, big Thank you.

🧠 We'll be running it again in the Autumn. If you want to sign up to learn how to do it just email or and we'll put you down for it.

Sarah Newman

APG Director

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A word from the APG's new

Think of a planner. What image comes to mind? Ironic notebook? Quiet demeanour? Statement glasses? You probably conjured one of these, right? 


There’s a lingering stereotype that planners are introverted intellectuals who prefer to work solo. Of course it’s a cliché for a reason. Many strategic thinkers would choose time and space to mull over a problem or an idea....

AI - Reimagined Consumers.png

Get the Best Out of AI: Reimagined Consumers
17th September | 5-6pm BST | Online

The next event in our series 'Get the best out of AI' is happening online on Tuesday 17th September from 5pm-6pm BST. 


Oli Feldwick and Lucia Komljen will be helping us understanding the ways AI it might change the way we live, the way our consumers think and behave, and the mechanics of business, in a more fundamental and unexpected way.

This series of talks and discussions is designed to go deeper into specific AI topics that have a direct relevance to the practice of Planning and Strategy. 

Creative Strategy in 26 videos.jpg

Creative Strategy in 26 Videos

The APG A-Z is a series of 26 short and inspiring videos that are designed to give you all the basics for a proper understanding of the practice of planning and strategy. Whether you’re just starting out in an agency - be it in advertising, media, social, design, whatever - and have planner or strategist in your title, or you work for a client or research company and have a professional interest in strategy, this course is for you to do in your own time.

IPA Awards Document.png

Found in the APG Archive...

The APG has moved offices and as we set about the horror of packing up I found myself "wasting time" usefully engaging my brain leafing through the boxes of archive material that we’ve accumulated over the years. I plan to post the really fascinating bits as the summer progresses but right now this one seems very apposite. It’s the charts from an APG ‘Evening Meeting’ from 1982, run and summarised by Simon Broadbent about how to win and IPA effectiveness awards. So much little has changed, apart from almost everything about the context. Extraordinary.


Get the Best Out of AI Series:

Session 5: Reimagined Consumers

17th Sept | 5pm-6pm BST | Online

Session 6: Future Proofing Your Career

15th Oct | 5pm-6pm BST | Hybrid

Noisy Thinking (Live):


Fact vs Fiction: Do we actually need insights?

30th July | 6pm-8pm BST


(more dates coming up...)

19th Sept | 6pm-8pm BST

24th Sept | 6pm-8pm |  BST

8th Oct | 6pm-8pm BST

'How To' Events (Online):

How Not to be Afraid of Numbers

23rd Sept | 5pm-6pm BST



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APG Night School

22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st July & 5th, 7th & 12th August 2024

Agile Strategy

9th, 10th, 11th & 12th September

Strategy for Solving Business and Marketing Problems

16th & 23rd September

Strategic Management Masterclasses with Craig+Bridget

Starting 24th September

Essential Planning Skills

9th, 16th, 23rd October, 6th, 13th & 20th November

Planning Fundamentals

11th, 12th, 13th, 14th November


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