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30 May 2017

A write up of APG West Planning Labs, May 2017. This event posed a deliberately provocative question: Can you do the best work of your life outside London?

13 Apr 2017

After a break and our first ever training module, APG West is back with its first event of the year, and a topic that¹s essential for 2017 ­ the changing nature of agency value. Agency services are more commoditised than ever, and technology has revolutionised the...

2 Dec 2016

Last month Bristol held its first ever Social Media Week. There were more than fifty events, and more than 1500 people attended or spoke at them. It was a huge operation, and largely down to our partners at Bristol Media that it happened at all. It’s no accident the pa...

8 Nov 2016

At the beginning of his talk last week, Mark Hancock, head of planning at The Real Adventure, noted the habit former Tesco CEO Terry Leahy had of interrupting any executives who offered him an opinion. Before they could tell him what they think, Leahy would say, they s...

15 Jun 2016

APG West started with questions, not answers. What would people in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area need from the APG? What challenges do the creative businesses of the region face? What would constitute success for them? How should the community come to life?...

31 May 2016

Sometimes, ‘collaboration’ feels like one of those words. You know the ones. Words like ‘innovation’, ‘disruption’, or ‘data’. Clichés. Vessels too easily emptied of meaning. Ideas fetishized as achievements in themselves, rather than nurtured as a mind set, one with...

21 Apr 2016

APG West aims to demonstrate, facilitate and celebrate better planning and strategy in the South West. We hope to establish a community of like-minded people from agencies and clients alike, run events and training that inspire better strategy, and make it easier to a...

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