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26 May 2020

So, as a big-time planner, you have suddenly found yourself independent, solo, freelance, free as a bird (or laid off, unemployed, let go and chucked out of the nest, just to bracket off some other ways of describing the situation).

Suddenly you are responsible for brin...

6 Jul 2016

Jon Leach, Head of Planning at Chime, argues that more and more we do not have the time or resources to do proper, classical planning. If planners are going to stay useful in this faster paced, leaner environment then they need to learn new skills namely those of the B...

4 Feb 2014

Tracey Follows of JWT spoke of “noticing when you are noticing” and in particular slowly realizing that you are dealing with a “weird kind of normal” (CF Gilbert and George, Seinfeld) that might be of some use.

This realization comes from your brain trying to extract me...

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