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4 Dec 2015

The time has come to say Goodbye. It's been a privilege and an honour to be able to serve as Chair of the APG for the last two years. Even during the these two years, the change in our industry has been vast: Adspend in the UK has hit an all time high, You Tube has...

21 Oct 2015

On Friday we announced the winners of the 2015 APG Creative Strategy Awards. Congratulations to all of the worthy winners! So, here are the 10 Golden Rules that can help turn a strategy, into a Strategy of Influence.

20 Mar 2015

Edward Snowden speaks via video link at Nesta's Futurefest

We are heading to a future where alternatives to our established norms will flourish, Marketing columnist Tracey Follows says, but we need to stop seeing it as a threat.

Last weekend innovation charity Nesta put...

12 Jan 2015

This year’s awards will be judged not only on the strength of the strategic thinking that went into the brief, but also on how and where that strategy created real influence. Put simply, we’re looking for evidence of strategic influencing not just strategic thinking.

8 Jan 2015

The Annual Conference which felt like the year’s highlight brought home to us just how much strategy needs to change to keep up with the world around us. Everything is getting faster, more agile, more collaborative - and successful strategy more than ever is about goi...

4 Jan 2015

This essay was submitted to, and shortlisted for, the Admap Prize 2014 and is reproduced with the kind permission of warc.

This essay is an argument for a new shape. In order to recognize how to now shape a brand in the post-digital world one needs to acknowledge the sh...

16 Oct 2014

The work of a strategist is a never-ending process that is constantly evolving as new problems occur and unforeseen dramas take place, Tracey Follows suggests.

Last week, the planning community gathered on the South Bank for the Account Planning Group’s annual Big Think...

23 Jan 2014

This is the text of Tracey’s article that appeared in Campaign on 23rd January

In Adam Morgan’s Foreward to the APG Creative Strategy Awards in 2013, he draws a distinction between two types of planning: Washington Planning and Hollywood Planning. The analogy comes from...

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