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6 Apr 2018

Why the demand for ‘quick-turnaround insights’ devalues great Planning and what we can do about it.

12 Dec 2016

Consultants and ad agencies of all kinds will be disrupted by tech and the core question we have to ask ourselves is what is our relationship with data? We have to grasp the nettle and be prepared to keep moving to stay afloat.

12 Feb 2016

The first text in the IPA Diploma is Stephen King's "What is a Brand?" It offers a salutary warning to anyone trying to think about the question that is the agenda for APG's first Noisy Thinking event of the year - 'What is a Brand nowadays?'...

The first APG Noisy Thinking event of 2015, in association with Flamingo, was held on Wednesday night at Google HQ kicking off this year’s topic: 21st Century Strategy. To explore this theme in action, we heard from 3 top thinkers.

A strong Flamingo cohort attended the...

2 Mar 2015

Nick has kindly given us access to the first chapter of his new book, based on a career of thinking about brands at BBH and his 10 years running the IPA's Excellence Diploma.

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