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30 Jun 2016

Last night Mintel hosted the APG for a session where we explored different 'flavours' of strategy and the diverse ways in which planners and strategists can ...

21 Apr 2016

APG West aims to demonstrate, facilitate and celebrate better planning and strategy in the South West. We hope to establish a community of like-minded people from agencies and clients alike, run events and training that inspire better strategy, and make it easier to a...

Wednesday night we attended our first APG event of 2016 held at Mintel, which promised to ‘inspire and provoke’; followed by a belated New Year drink.

Strategist Heather LeFevre was first up and began by asking whether we are “unreasonable”?

Heather explained that much o...

3 Jul 2015

Matthew Willcox has written a book called ‘The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers' Instincts'. It's meant to help understand how human instincts and intuitions can lead to work that gets your brand chosen.

16 Jun 2015

On Tuesday evening we convened at Google for a spirited debate around loyalty and brand growth. The evening was chaired by James Parsons and featured Jane Lingham and Kirsty Fuller speaking on behalf of 'love' and Laurence Green and Mark Murray on behalf of By...

23 Oct 2014

This session is designed to familiarise you with the latest suite of tools that provide access to some of the vast amounts of data held by Google. These tools are available to use any time and are mostly free at the point of usage. Google describes it as a way of '...

14 Oct 2014

Is a new-style event where we look into the impact of system 1 and system 2 thinking on how we choose and buy brands and how successfully brands have applied the principles, from advertising to design to brand experience. Phil Barden, author of 'Decoded. The Scienc...

6 Oct 2010

Science and consumer thinking evolve. New models emerge explaining how and why consumers do the things they do, and new techniques arise to better understand them. But there’s still no real consensus: if anything, there are more views than ever as to what makes us all...

Neuroscience is a field which has produced such leaps in understanding over the past decade – yet at the same time has led to heated debate amongst advertising and marketing practitioners. But how much do you really know about developments in neuroscience?

4 May 2010

Dave Trott is amongst the best-known names in advertising. He’s responsible for a string of memorable campaigns, has worked and studied on both sides of the Atlantic and has run some of London’s most successful agencies.

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