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Tom Chatfield, shares what makes him curious and keeps his mind in shape.

9 May 2018

A full life requires different types and textures of time; spaces and registers within which curiosity can breed change. If we don’t cultivate the habits, environments and encounters that allow this—and this means thinking hard about how and when technology can get in...

1 May 2018

There’s so much stuff to know and learn about. How do you choose where to start – or where to end?

1 May 2018

Raquel Chicourel, Chief Strategy Officer at M&C Saatchi London, shares what makes her curious and keeps her mind in shape.

24 Apr 2018

This is part of the series 'How to be Curious - Cognitive Fitness for Planners' by Ian Leslie, our APG Guest Editor during April 2018. He believes that strategists need to be curious and stay curious and the only way to do that is to excersise your brain as you do your...

24 Apr 2018

Within our industry, Faris Yakob is well known as a high performance cognitive athlete. He is one of the most consistently interesting, stimulating, provocative thinkers around. His work draws an eclectic variety of sources, from evolutionary psychology to poetry to po...

18 Apr 2018

Ian Leslie shares what makes him curious and keeps his mind in shape.

18 Apr 2018

Kevin Chesters shares what makes him curious and keeps his mind in shape.

Katie Mackay-Sinclair shares what makes her curious and keeps her mind in shape.

20 Feb 2018

Lots of people have asked us to cover the difficulty of getting your thinking sold and out in the real world so we’ve asked some arch persuaders to tell us how they do it: Jim Carroll, Marie Oldham, Martin Beverley and Laura Jordan Bambach.

27 Oct 2017

It is perhaps appropriate that we end this series on ‘How To Get On’ with a few thoughts on leadership. I should say that great strategists do not necessarily make great leaders. While we may all aspire to being in charge, it’s not a path that I would encourage everyon...

16 Oct 2017

Do you have the same appraisal every year? I did. Do you mainly pass over the positives and obsess about the negatives? Do you resent the criticism, take it as a personal slight, try to establish who exactly made those comments?... I did.

6 Oct 2017

I used to believe there was only one correct answer to every problem. Now I believe there are many correct answers. The challenge is to establish the correct answer that best suits the Client’s character and personality.

31 May 2016

Sometimes, ‘collaboration’ feels like one of those words. You know the ones. Words like ‘innovation’, ‘disruption’, or ‘data’. Clichés. Vessels too easily emptied of meaning. Ideas fetishized as achievements in themselves, rather than nurtured as a mind set, one with...

22 Mar 2016

A promised round up of Some Things from SXSW 2016 For full disclosure, my experience of SXSW was truncated (I was there for one day) and suboptimal...

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