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23 Mar 2020

“If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” - Marylin Monroe

Strange times we are living. A lockdown is a matter of time, today we can’t hug our dearest and have to resort to elbow bumping and namaste to say hello to our frie...

24 Apr 2018

Within our industry, Faris Yakob is well known as a high performance cognitive athlete. He is one of the most consistently interesting, stimulating, provocative thinkers around. His work draws an eclectic variety of sources, from evolutionary psychology to poetry to po...

​ I’d say one characteristic that’s important is to be interested in and want to find opportunity in “boring” briefs. You probably won’t start off working on Nike’s World Cup campaign (unless you’re lucky), so why not impress where they won’t expect it.

6 Sep 2016

Earlier this week, I saw a Power Point chart that seemed to encapsulate my entire career in one sentence and a picture. I’ve changed the lady’s name to preserve confidentiality, although nothing else about the chart betrays the client, brand or project so I can share t...

12 Aug 2016

What three skills should every good planner possess?​ Curiosity, Brevity and Empathy

10 Aug 2016

The new planning approach in both agencies was propagated and promoted by a handful of acolytes who mostly fell serendipitously into the job and appear to have had an absolute ball getting it going. And they had several important qualities in common: They were all pret...

11 Jul 2016

I’ve been chasing a career change. Albeit a much more modest one; to break from account handling into planning. Something I can now happily say I’ve accomplished. This story is to help those, who like me, want to break into planning from account handling.

25 Feb 2016

First the bad news: getting into advertising is tough. Getting into Planning is tougher still. Not because it’s rocket science, but simply because the Planning department is smaller than account management or creative department; there are fewer jobs up for grabs. Addi...

1 Jul 2015

I found that the book provided an engaging guide to how people think, and how people have thought, about advertising: What’s its purpose? What makes an ad successful? How effectively can this success be predicted and measured?

30 Jun 2015

Put simply, planners “plan” advertising and communications. At the start of a project they work with the client to decide on the aims of the campaign based on what the client’s business needs to achieve – in terms of sales or consumer behaviour. They then create a stra...

24 Apr 2015

While the nature of my work is different from the time I spent in advertising agencies, I draw on my training and experience as a planner every single day. I’ve discovered that the “core skills” of a planner are highly transferable across both borders and disciplines....

4 Jan 2015

This essay was submitted to, and shortlisted for, the Admap Prize 2014 and is reproduced with the kind permission of warc.

This essay is an argument for a new shape. In order to recognize how to now shape a brand in the post-digital world one needs to acknowledge the sh...

2 Apr 2001

Stephen King of JWT and Stanley Pollitt of BMP are the undisputed forefathers of account planning. In separate agencies, but at pretty much the same time, they started a revolution in the advertising world which has spread from the UK to other countries and from ad age...

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