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25 Oct 2017

A couple of years ago, I attended a session at the Soho Create Festival in London, where a successful actor – surely on his way to "National Treasure" status - was asked for the keys to success. His off-the-cuff pearls of wisdom were...

4 Aug 2017

I am frequently asked: ‘What’s it like going freelance?’. To save repeating myself, I wanted to get down on paper what the first year is really like. I wanted to share three things that got me through it...

25 Feb 2016

First the bad news: getting into advertising is tough. Getting into Planning is tougher still. Not because it’s rocket science, but simply because the Planning department is smaller than account management or creative department; there are fewer jobs up for grabs. Addi...

16 Feb 2016

I have some bite-size snacks of advice to serve up as appetisers to my younger self, which I won’t mind him taking or leaving, before I bring out a one-dish...

22 Jan 2016

Think outside the client brief; understand the other things the client needs, and think of what you could do to help. Think of new fresh things to do that are not on the media plan. Even come up with ideas for brands or charities or agency initiatives that are nothing...

21 Jan 2016

Great CSO’s understand clients don’t usually just want ads or an app, they’re seeking transformation in the shape of a piece of thinking which unlocks a problem in a fresh way.

10 Dec 2015

Staying true to my promise of attending more APG events after really enjoying the APG's Noisy Thinking About Planning In A Post-Capitalism World event, I joined several other upcoming Planners last week at MRM Meteorite to hear AMV BBDO's Joint CSO, Craig Mawdsley give...

9 Nov 2015

Resist the temptation to think that you can get everything you need or want online. It’s only half the story. You will get a wealth of facts and information and all kinds of opinion and I wish I had had the internet when I was starting out. But it is not everything.

30 Sep 2015

You were pretty rock hard in those graduate days. Always asking 'why' and not standing for wobbly answers. Willing to learn like a sponge. In awe of the big picture. The power of what we do.

23 Sep 2015

Firstly, ask yourself if you’re learning and growing in the right direction. What are you getting better at – and is that the right thing? I spent a lot of years in my early career without a real planning boss...

9 Sep 2015

The thing I think I did rather well, was rather simple, which was to try to be a little better everyday. Every client meeting I had, every proposition I wrote, every creative briefing I did, I would reflect on and try to work out what went well and how to do more of t...

1 Sep 2015

If I could tell you one thing...It'd be to obsess over being interesting, not over being right. It's quite easy to be right, but often also not very helpful. Young strategists can be insecure and seek safety in certainty: robustness, data, rigour. All these thi...

30 Jun 2015

Here are some ideas from top planners in the industry about how you should approach planning and strategy.

30 Jun 2015

Planning is all about new thinking and different ways of looking at old problems. As such it is difficult to suggest a one size fits all way of writing a CV for planning, the best advice is be original! Of course, while that sounds great on paper it’s hard to put in to...

13 Feb 2015

Our first 'How to Win' Evening for the APG 2015 Creative Strategy Awards in association with Google.

We heard from Craig Mawdsley, Joint CSO at AMVBBDO and Chair of short-listers as well as Tom White, the winner of the 2013 Best-Written Paper.

Top tips from Craig on how...

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