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27 Oct 2017

It is perhaps appropriate that we end this series on ‘How To Get On’ with a few thoughts on leadership. I should say that great strategists do not necessarily make great leaders. While we may all aspire to being in charge, it’s not a path that I would encourage everyon...

16 Feb 2016

I have some bite-size snacks of advice to serve up as appetisers to my younger self, which I won’t mind him taking or leaving, before I bring out a one-dish...

17 Aug 2015

The biggest job of the CSO is to be useful to the agency and its clients. It’s not a role for those that like ivory towers or purity of thinking. It’s often not the cleverest person in the planning department but the one that can add the most practical value.

30 Jun 2015

Put simply, planners “plan” advertising and communications. At the start of a project they work with the client to decide on the aims of the campaign based on what the client’s business needs to achieve – in terms of sales or consumer behaviour. They then create a stra...

17 Feb 2015

What is Planning anyway?
It used to be simple.
"The planner brings not simply research, but also the use of data, into every stage of advertising development as a third partner for the account handler and creative team...involved with the central issues of advertis...

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