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21 Jun 2018

Tuesday night the APG hosted Alastair Campbell. He did some Brexit bashing, he despaired over Trump, he confirmed our belief that we’re all f***ed. And us planners? we all nodded in perfect synchrony over our Brew Dogs and salami sticks...

19 Jun 2018

You see, the elephant is Brexit. John Noakes is Jeremy Corbyn and he’s trying to pretend that the elephant isn’t s***ting on the floor, in fact he’s not talking about the elephant at all. F***ing politics is f***ed. We’re in a f***ing mess. Nobody has a f***ing clue w...

31 May 2012

What do you do to win, when you can’t afford to lose? The Account Planning Group brought together four people with radically different ideas at their May event Worlds Collide to share their ideas about strategy: what it is, how to decide and execute it.

The APG Worlds Collide event certainly lived up to its ‘mind altering’ claim. Four inspiring talks on strategy from four great minds from completely different career backgrounds left me with lots to think about and even more that I want to put into practice. Immediatel...

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