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27 Apr 2017

In a bold and, as it turned out, rather Marmite experiment, we held the first Noisy in which the speakers spoke and the audience spoke back. We were responding to previous feedback asking for more interaction. We also wanted to to encourage people to think about the...

5 Feb 2014

Last night the APG brought together six of the industry’s best minds to answer the question: ‘What is an insight?’ From poptarts to the importance of truth, we covered the lot and all left enlightened, wondering how our agencies would change their briefing template, an...

4 Feb 2014

Tracey Follows of JWT spoke of “noticing when you are noticing” and in particular slowly realizing that you are dealing with a “weird kind of normal” (CF Gilbert and George, Seinfeld) that might be of some use.

This realization comes from your brain trying to extract me...

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