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10 Oct 2018

Bridget did the impossible and drew together her thoughts about a long and intense day, with some really useful things for us to think about each speech.

9 Mar 2017

Whether strategists are impacting clients’ bottom line clearly hit a nerve and our speakers skewered it. We’re working as strategists at a time when we have exponentially more data available at every phase of the planning cycle and more information in real time about e...

16 Oct 2014

The work of a strategist is a never-ending process that is constantly evolving as new problems occur and unforeseen dramas take place, Tracey Follows suggests.

Last week, the planning community gathered on the South Bank for the Account Planning Group’s annual Big Think...

15 Oct 2014

Rather than try and summarise the varied points of discussion around, and different perspectives on strategy into one neat article, I thought I’d write something with the aim of being short and helpful. So, in running order, here is one thing I learned from each speake...

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