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13 Jun 2017

Planning is a form of extreme dot to dot, but our dots are not numbered. We are not given the sequence. We are given all sorts of data and information from numerous sources. We are given qualitative and quantitative research, media plans, brand plans, sales figures, co...

12 Dec 2016

Consultants and ad agencies of all kinds will be disrupted by tech and the core question we have to ask ourselves is what is our relationship with data? We have to grasp the nettle and be prepared to keep moving to stay afloat.

22 Jan 2016

Think outside the client brief; understand the other things the client needs, and think of what you could do to help. Think of new fresh things to do that are not on the media plan. Even come up with ideas for brands or charities or agency initiatives that are nothing...

21 Jan 2016

Great CSO’s understand clients don’t usually just want ads or an app, they’re seeking transformation in the shape of a piece of thinking which unlocks a problem in a fresh way.

2 Oct 2015

I think about people. As CSO, I spend a lot of time thinking about whether our Strategists are happy, challenged, engaged, creative, performing. I probably think about this more than anything else and it’s a huge challenge, but ultimately the thing that makes the bigg...

17 Aug 2015

The biggest job of the CSO is to be useful to the agency and its clients. It’s not a role for those that like ivory towers or purity of thinking. It’s often not the cleverest person in the planning department but the one that can add the most practical value.

30 Jan 2015

First of all, an apology. There isn’t a simple, ten-point plan you can follow to become a CSO. Or if there is, no one told me! What I can say is that a good planner should have an inherent sense of curiosity; and a relentless desire to learn from the people and environ...

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