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27 Oct 2017

It is perhaps appropriate that we end this series on ‘How To Get On’ with a few thoughts on leadership. I should say that great strategists do not necessarily make great leaders. While we may all aspire to being in charge, it’s not a path that I would encourage everyon...

23 Oct 2017

No matter how good the past achievements on your CV, your progress depends on your future potential. Nobody is buying pessimism or nostalgia. Your experience is valuable in so far as it can help a brand succeed today.

18 Oct 2017

You’ve got three things to worry about: external relationships; internal relationships; and your work. That is also the right order of priority for dealing with them. Your work – the stuff you do at a desk on your own – comes last.

16 Oct 2017

Do you have the same appraisal every year? I did. Do you mainly pass over the positives and obsess about the negatives? Do you resent the criticism, take it as a personal slight, try to establish who exactly made those comments?... I did.

First, any pupil barrister must demonstrate an ability to work under pressure with exaggerated eagerness and cheer when undertaking all legal work irrespective of its interest value. Any complaining is frowned on...

The best planners, I believe, not only have a first rate intelligence, they are also adept at reconciling opposing ideas. Great planners are as comfortable with art as they are with science, as interested in data as design.

6 Oct 2017

I used to believe there was only one correct answer to every problem. Now I believe there are many correct answers. The challenge is to establish the correct answer that best suits the Client’s character and personality.

5 Oct 2017

Essentially, advertising agencies are like Game of Thrones - without the violence or sex. If you want to do well and survive you need to understand your environment and know how to deal with all the players.

3 Oct 2017

For planners, when there is an intellectual and research based aspect to our discipline, it can be very easy to slip back into academic habits. I’ve seen people do it time and again. Here is my check list of watch-outs.

1 Aug 2017

Four wise owls of the planning world have revealed what they think it takes to succeed as a young planner. Learn about what they look for in a planne...

11 Jul 2016

I’ve been chasing a career change. Albeit a much more modest one; to break from account handling into planning. Something I can now happily say I’ve accomplished. This story is to help those, who like me, want to break into planning from account handling.

25 Feb 2016

First the bad news: getting into advertising is tough. Getting into Planning is tougher still. Not because it’s rocket science, but simply because the Planning department is smaller than account management or creative department; there are fewer jobs up for grabs. Addi...

10 Dec 2015

Staying true to my promise of attending more APG events after really enjoying the APG's Noisy Thinking About Planning In A Post-Capitalism World event, I joined several other upcoming Planners last week at MRM Meteorite to hear AMV BBDO's Joint CSO, Craig Mawdsley give...

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