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23 Oct 2017

No matter how good the past achievements on your CV, your progress depends on your future potential. Nobody is buying pessimism or nostalgia. Your experience is valuable in so far as it can help a brand succeed today.

18 Oct 2017

You’ve got three things to worry about: external relationships; internal relationships; and your work. That is also the right order of priority for dealing with them. Your work – the stuff you do at a desk on your own – comes last.

11 Jul 2016

I’ve been chasing a career change. Albeit a much more modest one; to break from account handling into planning. Something I can now happily say I’ve accomplished. This story is to help those, who like me, want to break into planning from account handling.

30 Jun 2016

Last night Mintel hosted the APG for a session where we explored different 'flavours' of strategy and the diverse ways in which planners and strategists can ...

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