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20 Feb 2018

Lots of people have asked us to cover the difficulty of getting your thinking sold and out in the real world so we’ve asked some arch persuaders to tell us how they do it: Jim Carroll, Marie Oldham, Martin Beverley and Laura Jordan Bambach.

6 Oct 2017

I used to believe there was only one correct answer to every problem. Now I believe there are many correct answers. The challenge is to establish the correct answer that best suits the Client’s character and personality.

13 Apr 2017

After a break and our first ever training module, APG West is back with its first event of the year, and a topic that¹s essential for 2017 ­ the changing nature of agency value. Agency services are more commoditised than ever, and technology has revolutionised the...

9 Mar 2017

Whether strategists are impacting clients’ bottom line clearly hit a nerve and our speakers skewered it. We’re working as strategists at a time when we have exponentially more data available at every phase of the planning cycle and more information in real time about e...

16 Dec 2016

Digital years being like dog years (one human = seven dog), 84 years ago, I edited an APG book called The Communications Challenge – all about the coming change that would be wrought by the digital revolution. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube did not exist – and Google ha...

12 Dec 2016

Consultants and ad agencies of all kinds will be disrupted by tech and the core question we have to ask ourselves is what is our relationship with data? We have to grasp the nettle and be prepared to keep moving to stay afloat.

30 Nov 2016

So unable to resist a little branded theming we decided to soft launch the awards at the final Noisy Thinking of the year by asking ‘what transformed your thinking?’ of the people who lead the strategy in some of the most interesting agencies. We gave them 6 minutes ea...

8 Nov 2016

At the beginning of his talk last week, Mark Hancock, head of planning at The Real Adventure, noted the habit former Tesco CEO Terry Leahy had of interrupting any executives who offered him an opinion. Before they could tell him what they think, Leahy would say, they s...

31 May 2016

Sometimes, ‘collaboration’ feels like one of those words. You know the ones. Words like ‘innovation’, ‘disruption’, or ‘data’. Clichés. Vessels too easily emptied of meaning. Ideas fetishized as achievements in themselves, rather than nurtured as a mind set, one with...

22 Jan 2016

Think outside the client brief; understand the other things the client needs, and think of what you could do to help. Think of new fresh things to do that are not on the media plan. Even come up with ideas for brands or charities or agency initiatives that are nothing...

2 Oct 2015

I think about people. As CSO, I spend a lot of time thinking about whether our Strategists are happy, challenged, engaged, creative, performing. I probably think about this more than anything else and it’s a huge challenge, but ultimately the thing that makes the bigg...

9 Sep 2015

The thing I think I did rather well, was rather simple, which was to try to be a little better everyday. Every client meeting I had, every proposition I wrote, every creative briefing I did, I would reflect on and try to work out what went well and how to do more of t...

9 Sep 2015

Tools and models used by Ruairi Curran, including Coaching Questions, Spider-Diagrams, Market Maps, Powerpoint Planners and more...

17 Aug 2015

The biggest job of the CSO is to be useful to the agency and its clients. It’s not a role for those that like ivory towers or purity of thinking. It’s often not the cleverest person in the planning department but the one that can add the most practical value.

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