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24 Jan 2019

We thought it would be bracing to start the new year with a fresh look at the basics so we began by asking 3 planners who’ve been doing it for a while, with quite a lot of success, how they approach the job.

1 Aug 2018

A capacity audience at McCann Health’s offices heard an eclectic mix of speakers share their experiences on successfully enacting change, from reducing sugar intake by children, to promoting a stop smoking campaign and encouraging men to check for prostate cancer.

19 Jun 2018

You see, the elephant is Brexit. John Noakes is Jeremy Corbyn and he’s trying to pretend that the elephant isn’t s***ting on the floor, in fact he’s not talking about the elephant at all. F***ing politics is f***ed. We’re in a f***ing mess. Nobody has a f***ing clue w...

8 Mar 2017

The quality of the story is the thing that will make the difference between whether your paper is in contention, or falls at the first hurdle, so it’s worth worrying about. Show what you’ve written to an honest friend outside the industry and ask them if they enjoyed...

17 Jan 2017

APG have partnered with YouTube to launch the inaugural YouTube Works for Brands initiative. This aims to highlight the growing importance of the video sector and create a compelling collection of effectiveness case studies beneficial to the strategy community as a who...

6 Sep 2016

Earlier this week, I saw a Power Point chart that seemed to encapsulate my entire career in one sentence and a picture. I’ve changed the lady’s name to preserve confidentiality, although nothing else about the chart betrays the client, brand or project so I can share t...

2 Oct 2015

I think about people. As CSO, I spend a lot of time thinking about whether our Strategists are happy, challenged, engaged, creative, performing. I probably think about this more than anything else and it’s a huge challenge, but ultimately the thing that makes the bigg...

9 Sep 2015

The thing I think I did rather well, was rather simple, which was to try to be a little better everyday. Every client meeting I had, every proposition I wrote, every creative briefing I did, I would reflect on and try to work out what went well and how to do more of t...

13 Apr 2015

This Warc Webinar, featuring advice on writing papers from Craig Mawdsley, will help you to stand out in creative strategy competitions.

Craig will share:
• His top tips on how to write an effective and interesting paper
• Examples of papers that have done really well i...

26 Feb 2015

We have now hosted 2 extremely successful Speed Mentoring events with top CSO's and Heads of Planning and Strategy from the best London agencies.

13 Feb 2015

Our first 'How to Win' Evening for the APG 2015 Creative Strategy Awards in association with Google.

We heard from Craig Mawdsley, Joint CSO at AMVBBDO and Chair of short-listers as well as Tom White, the winner of the 2013 Best-Written Paper.

Top tips from Craig on how...

11 Feb 2015

Getting your paper shortlisted is dead easy, as long as you follow these simple guidelines: 1) Read a lot of past papers - The only reliable way to write well is to read well, so look at past winners and learn. 2) Be interesting - Make sure your paper is a fascinating...

29 Jan 2015

It's going to be an unbeatable evening: Luis Toledo is flying in from Puerto Rico to present his Grand Prix-winning paper on Banco Popular in person. It's mesmerising stuff and not to be missed. You'll also hear from Tracey Follows, APG Chair and Craig Ma...

13 Jan 2015

Getting on the APG shortlist is a simple business. You just need to have a good strategic idea. No really, it’s that simple. No secrets, no tricks, no alchemy. But you would be surprised quite how many people have had a great strategy, and then managed to obscure it in...

9 Jan 2015

It’s time to take a leap of faith. 2015 needs to be the year that strategy stops standing on the precipice, wondering whether to change and instead takes a leap of faith to lead a radical new way of working. Most of us are still thinking too conventionally, still takin...

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