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21 Aug 2019

AMSR: The Archive of Market and Social Research is a resource that you and your competitors may not have discovered yet. It's a not for profit, inspired by love and enthusiasm and expert volunteers.

24 Jan 2019

We thought it would be bracing to start the new year with a fresh look at the basics so we began by asking 3 planners who’ve been doing it for a while, with quite a lot of success, how they approach the job.

23 Mar 2017

David Ogilvy famously said, “The trouble with market research is that people don't think how they feel, they don't say what they think and they don't do what they say.” This scepticism towards claimed data is shared by most social psychologists.

23 Sep 2015

If you are creating one collectively (and I do recommend it, there’s nothing like it for creating a collective view of the brand in action with your client and partners) then I’d aim to end up with a single CAC – if you need to split out into groups then get the groups...

4 Sep 2012

Andy Nairn, CSO of Dare, Sue Unernam, CSO of Mediacom and Rory Sutherland, Vice Chair of Ogilvy took the podium. Deliberately chosen as speakers not just for their intellectual passion and leading thinking, but also for the fact that they represented different kinds of...

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