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1 Aug 2018

A capacity audience at McCann Health’s offices heard an eclectic mix of speakers share their experiences on successfully enacting change, from reducing sugar intake by children, to promoting a stop smoking campaign and encouraging men to check for prostate cancer.

31 May 2018

Richard Shotton & Martin Weigel answer two questions at APG Thinking Around Corners: How do you get people to entertain facts that don’t accord with their world view? How do you get society/a client/a particular culture obsessed with safety to take risks?

4 Jan 2018

‘How do you get people to care about their future self?’ ‘How do you transform when people don’t want to change?’

28 Aug 2017

By bringing together leading figures from our expanded network, the APG Thinking Around Corners events apply unconventional thinking and approaches to tackle questions that often prove to be elusive. As human strategists, we often find uncommon sense in the most unexpe...

25 May 2017

In a new approach to strategy events we held the first ‘APG Thinking Around Corners’ of the year. Designed to ask some hard questions and look at how they generate different responses and approaches.

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