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11 Jan 2016

Legend has it that George W. Bush once dismissed French business culture, by saying: “They don’t even have their own word for ‘entrepreneur’.”

I sometimes wonder if the same complaint could be made, more validly, of planning culture these days.  And I hope that this cha...

9 Jun 2015

The power of purpose is hardly a new idea. The arguments of Sinek, Stengel et al in favour of “why” being more important than “how” or “what” have become a doctrine for many contemporary brand strategies.

14 Apr 2015

So far we’ve heard a lot about what will change in the future, and what needs to change in the future…but I want to talk about something that I’d like to stay the same – amidst all this change! I want to start with a factor that’s internal and intrinsic to our industry...

14 Apr 2015

Is the future bright? The question about what the future holds for advertising naturally comes up a lot. Being planners, we like to theorise and analyse things and are constantly looking to forecast the new.

14 Apr 2015

The future is so radically indeterminate, so fast changing, so different, so obtuse, so totally beyond our grasp that it can’t be planned for. Today’s under 18s code, they programme, they hardwire and they delete the phone app – because who uses phones as phones anymor...

9 Feb 2015

A bit about the author  ...Gerard Smith is a former Planning Director at major agencies in the UK and US and is now an associate at a strategy consulting firm that specializes in scenario planning.  He says: 'This is a way of dealing with uncertainty by creating a few...

13 Oct 2014

In May 2012 I wrote my first ever blog on my first ever APG event and, ever since, I’ve been hooked on both. After going to my first APG Conference last week, it’s become clear the correlation between the two isn’t a coincidence. Blogging is a way of simply and succinc...

10 May 2012

Last night at Fallon, the APG convened for some more Noisy Thinking about the present and future of planning. This time it was the turn of clients past, present and future to share their views on the state of the discipline and the challenges facing Planners….

8 Mar 2012

Where is planning going? This was the question that the APG posed on Tuesday 6th March to three planning luminaries- Adam Morgan, Richard Huntington and Cameron Saunders. Hailing from the worlds of consultancy, business and the heart of a creative agency respectively,...

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