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24 Feb 2020

Alaina Crystal covers problem solving and having insightful questions.

6 Apr 2018

Why the demand for ‘quick-turnaround insights’ devalues great Planning and what we can do about it.

1 Jun 2016

Pop culture’s representation of AI would have us think it’s the stuff of a dystopian future. But in reality it’s closer than we think, and is set to have a metamorphic impact on business over the next few years. While APG’s Strategy vs Robots event at the Royal Institu...

29 Mar 2016

Last week I went along to the ‘Sources of Inspiration and Insight’ Young Planner’s event. The night was hosted by BBH’s John Harrison at their Kingly Court offices. John shared with us his biggest bugbear – that all too often we are focused on finding the consumer insi...

2 Mar 2016

When I were a little girl there was a programme on Saturday morning telly called “Why Don’t You?” which had a theme tune that ended “Why don’t you switch off the TV and go off and do something less boring instead?”. Which was counter intuitive, and exactly what I am ab...

30 Jun 2015

As someone who is new to the world of marketing agencies, I initially struggled to get my head around the concept of planning. I had a rough idea of the roles and responsibilities of a planner. The planners were the team that had the earliest access to a client brief;...

5 Feb 2014

Last night the APG brought together six of the industry’s best minds to answer the question: ‘What is an insight?’ From poptarts to the importance of truth, we covered the lot and all left enlightened, wondering how our agencies would change their briefing template, an...

4 Feb 2014

Tracey Follows of JWT spoke of “noticing when you are noticing” and in particular slowly realizing that you are dealing with a “weird kind of normal” (CF Gilbert and George, Seinfeld) that might be of some use.

This realization comes from your brain trying to extract me...

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