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In this post, Katie Mackay-Sinclair reviews the APG's 2018 publication 'How Not to Plan' written by Les Binet and Sarah Carter. Les & Sarah have written 'How Not to Plan' as a guide for planners and strategists based upon the many lessons they have...

16 Jul 2018

Deceptively simple and straightforward (like all the best planning), this book gets to the heart of what modern planners need to do and how they ought to be approaching each project.

11 Jul 2018

I spend a lot of time reading marketing and psychology books. As I read them I photograph interesting snippets that I then tweet or keep for myself, so I can refer back to them. If the book is good I might take half a dozen photos while reading. In the case of How Not...

5 Jul 2018

My first planning boss always skewered the ill-thought out, or the just the plain wrong, with a piercing ‘bollocks’ or a ‘bullshit’, followed by a dissection of why the bollocks was indeed bollocks and the bullshit was indubitably so. She would then wrap this all up in...

2 Jul 2018

This is, clearly and obviously, not your usual airport “Eat your way to blockchain riches” dreadfulness. Quite the opposite, it is brilliant. Simple, almost shamefully good, lists of how to (and how not to) plan.

28 Jun 2018

When most books about marketing or advertising merely add to the landfill of calorie-free advice and are long copy exercises in self- or business-promotion, Les Binet and Sarah Carter aren’t here to sell you on some cure-all, win-all universal theory of life, planning,...

28 Jun 2018

How Not To Plan is a wonderfully illuminating and insightful book that any and everyone working in Planning (and beyond) can find inspiration, reassurance, consolation and wisdom from.

27 Jun 2018

Paul Feldwick reviews the APG's latest publication 'How Not to Plan' Pre-Order your copy today.

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