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10 Oct 2018

Bridget did the impossible and drew together her thoughts about a long and intense day, with some really useful things for us to think about each speech.

16 Mar 2017

One of the appealing aspects of behavioural science is that rather than being a single, over-arching theory, it’s a broad collection of biases. That means it’s flexible enough to be applied to the variety of problems we’re trying to solve for brands.

6 Sep 2016

Earlier this week, I saw a Power Point chart that seemed to encapsulate my entire career in one sentence and a picture. I’ve changed the lady’s name to preserve confidentiality, although nothing else about the chart betrays the client, brand or project so I can share t...

11 Jul 2016

I’ve been chasing a career change. Albeit a much more modest one; to break from account handling into planning. Something I can now happily say I’ve accomplished. This story is to help those, who like me, want to break into planning from account handling.

20 Mar 2015

Edward Snowden speaks via video link at Nesta's Futurefest

We are heading to a future where alternatives to our established norms will flourish, Marketing columnist Tracey Follows says, but we need to stop seeing it as a threat.

Last weekend innovation charity Nesta put...

9 Feb 2015

A bit about the author  ...Gerard Smith is a former Planning Director at major agencies in the UK and US and is now an associate at a strategy consulting firm that specializes in scenario planning.  He says: 'This is a way of dealing with uncertainty by creating a few...

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