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23 Feb 2016

My biggest worry nowadays is that to take control of the entire customer experience of a brand is going to require collaboration on a scale not seen before. In the past we relied on the relationship between the planners and creatives within the same agency but today co...

17 Feb 2016

it’s important to distinguish between what a brand IS, and what a brand DOES. Because while the world around us has changed hugely, the way the human brain is hardwired, hasn’t – so until artificial intelligence renders us obsolete we’re still wired to process the worl...

15 Feb 2016

It’s increasingly a “look at that” world and this clearly provides an opportunity for brands to be the “that”. We risk overstating this of course and assuming people are interested in every brand but the rewards of getting it right and providing serendipity for people...

12 Feb 2016

The first text in the IPA Diploma is Stephen King's "What is a Brand?" It offers a salutary warning to anyone trying to think about the question that is the agenda for APG's first Noisy Thinking event of the year - 'What is a Brand nowadays?'...

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