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22 Mar 2016

A promised round up of Some Things from SXSW 2016 For full disclosure, my experience of SXSW was truncated (I was there for one day) and suboptimal...

7 Mar 2016

Let's face it, who’s got time to read the ever expanding recommended reading list that planners impose on each other? And no I haven’t read Sapiens. Have you seen the bloody size of it? And anyway if we all read the same thing we will all have the same point of vie...

2 Mar 2016

When I were a little girl there was a programme on Saturday morning telly called “Why Don’t You?” which had a theme tune that ended “Why don’t you switch off the TV and go off and do something less boring instead?”. Which was counter intuitive, and exactly what I am ab...

1 Mar 2016

I’d like the theme to be about widening your field of vision and forcing yourself to connect a wider variety of seemingly disparate pieces of information, inspiration and insight, in order to improve the creativity and effectiveness of our thinking.

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