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3 Aug 2017

What 3 skills should a good planner possess? Persistence – no matter the insight or strategy, you’re going to have to keep pushing. It’s exhausting sometimes but you will get to better work if you are stubborn enough to not let go.

20 Jul 2017

Despite such a glowing opportunity to show that I'm a distinctive individual, I can’t see past a slightly overweight bloke in speedos walking down a beach with so much swagger I want a glass of the revolting liquid he is selling me.

13 Jul 2017

“A friend of mine works at a startup where they leave stickers on each others’ desks or laptops if they’ve done a good job that week, and because I’m six years old with a washi-tape problem, that really appeals to me!”

4 Jul 2017

Join us as we catch up with Planners and Strategists from all walks of life. Take a sneak peak into their lives and find out what a young planner does.

I think it’s important for an agency to understand what they do - and why - and to develop that to the core. Building an integrated campaign is great, but what’s important is for people to spot your mark on the work. The videos, the copy lines, the look-and-feel, and e...

7 Oct 2016

I see planning as a creative discipline, and I think creativity has a lot to do with synthesis. Don’t artists synthesise within culture and inventors synthesise within science in some way? I guess planners synthesise somewhere in the middle, blending in the emotional w...

30 Sep 2016

Three skills every Planner should possess: Be agile, Be in a constant state of learning and the ability to communicate ideas.

23 Sep 2016

My job is to make sure you see an advertisement you like! Whether when you're watching your favourite TV show, or before a movie, or even before a YouTube video. Whatever media channel you like to use, I'm keen to know.

​ I’d say one characteristic that’s important is to be interested in and want to find opportunity in “boring” briefs. You probably won’t start off working on Nike’s World Cup campaign (unless you’re lucky), so why not impress where they won’t expect it.

9 Sep 2016

The age of personalisation of goods and services is just beginning, which is going to present significant challenges, as well as opportunities. At the moment it seems as though brands are engaging with personalised messaging, however, delivering personalised experience...

2 Sep 2016

Sometimes people get caught in the trap of over-complicating things from the off - simple ideas are much more likely to become big ideas.

26 Aug 2016

It’s easy to agree with people when you feel the same way. But it’s useful to understand why you feel that way. So I try and disagree with myself and others all the time. At work it gets me to better ideas and strategies that are easier to defend (if they need defendin...

19 Aug 2016

I’ve been saying for a while now that I think we strategists could learn a lot about workshop design and facilitation from school teachers. So to keep this in a realm very familiar to a 7 year old and build on the work/school comparison I would explain that I spend a...

12 Aug 2016

What three skills should every good planner possess?​ Curiosity, Brevity and Empathy

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