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24 Jan 2019

We thought it would be bracing to start the new year with a fresh look at the basics so we began by asking 3 planners who’ve been doing it for a while, with quite a lot of success, how they approach the job.

24 Apr 2018

Within our industry, Faris Yakob is well known as a high performance cognitive athlete. He is one of the most consistently interesting, stimulating, provocative thinkers around. His work draws an eclectic variety of sources, from evolutionary psychology to poetry to po...

4 Aug 2017

I am frequently asked: ‘What’s it like going freelance?’. To save repeating myself, I wanted to get down on paper what the first year is really like. I wanted to share three things that got me through it...

3 Aug 2017

What 3 skills should a good planner possess? Persistence – no matter the insight or strategy, you’re going to have to keep pushing. It’s exhausting sometimes but you will get to better work if you are stubborn enough to not let go.

20 Jul 2017

Despite such a glowing opportunity to show that I'm a distinctive individual, I can’t see past a slightly overweight bloke in speedos walking down a beach with so much swagger I want a glass of the revolting liquid he is selling me.

19 Jun 2017

With the APG, I talked to 25 of the leading CSOs of London, across agency types, to find out which skills they thought strategists were going to need to survive the next 10 years. The APG also conducted a skills survey amongst the strategy community and got over 300 re...

13 Jun 2017

Planning is a form of extreme dot to dot, but our dots are not numbered. We are not given the sequence. We are given all sorts of data and information from numerous sources. We are given qualitative and quantitative research, media plans, brand plans, sales figures, co...

1 Jun 2017

Last week at the Guardian, APG Young Planners met for the third time this year to dig deep into the minds of five top Planners and Strategists all from different types of agency.

We heard from a Direct, Digital, Brand, Media and Traditional Planner, and asked them to sh...

3 May 2017

On 20th April 2017, 60 lucky APG Young Planners spent an evening with Jim Carroll, the former Chairman and Planning Director of BBH London, as he reflected on his 30 years in advertising. He also shared with us 10 characteristics he thinks a Planner has and a few top t...

12 Dec 2016

Consultants and ad agencies of all kinds will be disrupted by tech and the core question we have to ask ourselves is what is our relationship with data? We have to grasp the nettle and be prepared to keep moving to stay afloat.

16 Nov 2016

A Planner's role is to be the voice of the audience in the creative process. But it's so much more than just knowing the stats or the latest behavioural theory. It needs to be rooted in a deep understanding, dare I say a deep love, of people, of who they are, what driv...

8 Nov 2016

At the beginning of his talk last week, Mark Hancock, head of planning at The Real Adventure, noted the habit former Tesco CEO Terry Leahy had of interrupting any executives who offered him an opinion. Before they could tell him what they think, Leahy would say, they s...

21 Oct 2016

Being a planner today is bewildering. Or at least, I am bewildered. Big picture wise, in line with client-agency relationships, the role of planning seems to have got smaller as it has become more complex.

9 Sep 2016

The age of personalisation of goods and services is just beginning, which is going to present significant challenges, as well as opportunities. At the moment it seems as though brands are engaging with personalised messaging, however, delivering personalised experience...

19 Aug 2016

I’ve been saying for a while now that I think we strategists could learn a lot about workshop design and facilitation from school teachers. So to keep this in a realm very familiar to a 7 year old and build on the work/school comparison I would explain that I spend a...

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