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5 Oct 2017

Essentially, advertising agencies are like Game of Thrones - without the violence or sex. If you want to do well and survive you need to understand your environment and know how to deal with all the players.

16 Nov 2016

A Planner's role is to be the voice of the audience in the creative process. But it's so much more than just knowing the stats or the latest behavioural theory. It needs to be rooted in a deep understanding, dare I say a deep love, of people, of who they are, what driv...

25 Feb 2016

First the bad news: getting into advertising is tough. Getting into Planning is tougher still. Not because it’s rocket science, but simply because the Planning department is smaller than account management or creative department; there are fewer jobs up for grabs. Addi...

30 Jun 2015

Planning is all about new thinking and different ways of looking at old problems. As such it is difficult to suggest a one size fits all way of writing a CV for planning, the best advice is be original! Of course, while that sounds great on paper it’s hard to put in to...

24 Apr 2015

While the nature of my work is different from the time I spent in advertising agencies, I draw on my training and experience as a planner every single day. I’ve discovered that the “core skills” of a planner are highly transferable across both borders and disciplines....

17 Feb 2015

What is Planning anyway?
It used to be simple.
"The planner brings not simply research, but also the use of data, into every stage of advertising development as a third partner for the account handler and creative team...involved with the central issues of advertis...

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