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24 Jan 2019

We thought it would be bracing to start the new year with a fresh look at the basics so we began by asking 3 planners who’ve been doing it for a while, with quite a lot of success, how they approach the job.

6 Apr 2018

Why the demand for ‘quick-turnaround insights’ devalues great Planning and what we can do about it.

25 Feb 2016

First the bad news: getting into advertising is tough. Getting into Planning is tougher still. Not because it’s rocket science, but simply because the Planning department is smaller than account management or creative department; there are fewer jobs up for grabs. Addi...

21 Jan 2016

Great CSO’s understand clients don’t usually just want ads or an app, they’re seeking transformation in the shape of a piece of thinking which unlocks a problem in a fresh way.

9 Nov 2015

Resist the temptation to think that you can get everything you need or want online. It’s only half the story. You will get a wealth of facts and information and all kinds of opinion and I wish I had had the internet when I was starting out. But it is not everything.

22 Jun 2015

Last week, I heard Jon Steel lambast the current state of planning. His main bone of contention was that it is no longer a research based discipline. Although my admiration for him is boundless, I felt it was a little harsh. Since his heyday, the world, let alone the a...

18 Jun 2015

An evening of talks, tools, interactive exercises and discussion to demystify qualitative research. A brief but incredibly useful, interactive session to get the most out focus groups and qual research.

9 Jan 2015

It’s time to take a leap of faith. 2015 needs to be the year that strategy stops standing on the precipice, wondering whether to change and instead takes a leap of faith to lead a radical new way of working. Most of us are still thinking too conventionally, still takin...

27 Jun 2013

Planners get the research they deserve.

1/ Culture – over used these days. But what we are so used to doing we don’t notice is worthy of study. Nudge nudge. I shouldn’t have to explain it to you. The giveaway is the phrase ‘you know’. We all collude where culture is con...

25 Jun 2013

This time we were interested in interrogating the working relationship between Planners and researchers, from formal briefings, to going-in hypotheses to the impact of behavioural economic theories on the quality of what is produced.  The underlying theme was that thin...

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