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21 Jun 2018

Tuesday night the APG hosted Alastair Campbell. He did some Brexit bashing, he despaired over Trump, he confirmed our belief that we’re all f***ed. And us planners? we all nodded in perfect synchrony over our Brew Dogs and salami sticks...

19 Jun 2018

You see, the elephant is Brexit. John Noakes is Jeremy Corbyn and he’s trying to pretend that the elephant isn’t s***ting on the floor, in fact he’s not talking about the elephant at all. F***ing politics is f***ed. We’re in a f***ing mess. Nobody has a f***ing clue w...

9 May 2018

A full life requires different types and textures of time; spaces and registers within which curiosity can breed change. If we don’t cultivate the habits, environments and encounters that allow this—and this means thinking hard about how and when technology can get in...

21 Jul 2016

Bullshit, insights, Rembrandt, long-term campaigns, diversity, altered reality; it could only be a bunch of planners talking creativity. Well not quite, as we also heard from Simon Cook who is Head of Awards at Cannes Lions and Malcolm Poynton, Creative head at Cheil a...

3 Jun 2016

Steve’s thinking covers a variety of topics including: government; politics and policy making; education and its current failings; health care; food; corporate bureaucracy; the role of capitalism; poverty and inequality; the needs of children; and the world around us....

3 Jun 2016

Technology is changing the way we think and feel. ​All of us are having experiences that will leave their mark on the brain. Our experiences make us unique. Our thoughts, indeed, everything we do has an impact on the brain and our brain is constantly adapting to the...

1 Jun 2016

Pop culture’s representation of AI would have us think it’s the stuff of a dystopian future. But in reality it’s closer than we think, and is set to have a metamorphic impact on business over the next few years. While APG’s Strategy vs Robots event at the Royal Institu...

22 May 2016

Baroness Susan Greenfield is one of the world's experts on the brain and how digital culture is re-wiring it. And she is speaking at our Strategy vs. Robots conference on Wednesday 25th May.

26 Apr 2016

Whether you're inspired by the prospects for infinite robotic change or fearing the death of creativity by algorithm, we think it's time that we get together as a strategy community and start to debate the implications of this revolution in our industry and our...

9 Jun 2015

The power of purpose is hardly a new idea. The arguments of Sinek, Stengel et al in favour of “why” being more important than “how” or “what” have become a doctrine for many contemporary brand strategies.

20 Mar 2015

Edward Snowden speaks via video link at Nesta's Futurefest

We are heading to a future where alternatives to our established norms will flourish, Marketing columnist Tracey Follows says, but we need to stop seeing it as a threat.

Last weekend innovation charity Nesta put...

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