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15 Nov 2012

Tuesday night saw the inauguration of a new kind of APG event – the first in a new series of semi-educational evenings that we’ve called ‘Theoretical Futures’. The idea is to show how Planners are finding new uses for their skills and aptitudes and new homes to practis...

6 Oct 2010

Science and consumer thinking evolve. New models emerge explaining how and why consumers do the things they do, and new techniques arise to better understand them. But there’s still no real consensus: if anything, there are more views than ever as to what makes us all...

Neuroscience is a field which has produced such leaps in understanding over the past decade – yet at the same time has led to heated debate amongst advertising and marketing practitioners. But how much do you really know about developments in neuroscience?

4 May 2010

Dave Trott is amongst the best-known names in advertising. He’s responsible for a string of memorable campaigns, has worked and studied on both sides of the Atlantic and has run some of London’s most successful agencies.

14 Apr 2010

Using examples based on his own adventures in pro social media such as Tweehive (the Twitter bee colony), the work of Tamsin Omond (independent MP candidate extraordinaire), and We20 (“hold your own G20 meeting”), John discussed how by harnessing new technology and soc...

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