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15 Jan 2018

Happy new year, and welcome to 2018. A year that’s surely set to be as full of change as last year. I’ve had the honour and pleasure of Chairing this extraordinary organisation for the last two years. A period of profound change both in culture & in the communications...

8 Mar 2017

The quality of the story is the thing that will make the difference between whether your paper is in contention, or falls at the first hurdle, so it’s worth worrying about. Show what you’ve written to an honest friend outside the industry and ask them if they enjoyed...

23 Feb 2017

For a few years I was lucky enough to lead strategy for what was once called the COI. The task was deceptively simple – recruit more teachers, with a focus on hard-to-fill subjects such as chemistry and maths.

22 Feb 2017

As transformation stories go, I think this is a great one because it is a story about how a process and the culture of collaboration that it created, gave birth to an entire agency and produced some great creative work to boot.

20 Feb 2017

Last time the awards arguably delivered the highest standard ever seen..this year we want to raise the bar once again. What are the things we will be looking for…beyond a beautifully told story...what will it take to be recognised?

16 Jan 2017

There’s never been a more exciting time to be doing what we do. But to demonstrate that leadership it’s vital we continue not only to prove and improve the skills our clients find most valuable, but that we continue to adapt. The APG is excited to lead that change in...

12 Dec 2016

Consultants and ad agencies of all kinds will be disrupted by tech and the core question we have to ask ourselves is what is our relationship with data? We have to grasp the nettle and be prepared to keep moving to stay afloat.

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