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30 Jun 2015

Here are some ideas from top planners in the industry about how you should approach planning and strategy.

30 Jun 2015

Planning is all about new thinking and different ways of looking at old problems. As such it is difficult to suggest a one size fits all way of writing a CV for planning, the best advice is be original! Of course, while that sounds great on paper it’s hard to put in to...

30 Jun 2015

Put simply, planners “plan” advertising and communications. At the start of a project they work with the client to decide on the aims of the campaign based on what the client’s business needs to achieve – in terms of sales or consumer behaviour. They then create a stra...

30 Jun 2015

As someone who is new to the world of marketing agencies, I initially struggled to get my head around the concept of planning. I had a rough idea of the roles and responsibilities of a planner. The planners were the team that had the earliest access to a client brief;...

12 Mar 2015

Covering the basics of planning, Sarah Sternberg a Planner at AMV BBDO explains what it means to work in planing. A must watch for anyone thinking about planning as a career path.

In the talk Sarah covers the following:

- What is planning?
- What is it like to be a plann...

17 Feb 2015

What is Planning anyway?
It used to be simple.
"The planner brings not simply research, but also the use of data, into every stage of advertising development as a third partner for the account handler and creative team...involved with the central issues of advertis...

15 Feb 2015

Alex Dobson asks John Shaw: What is Planning? Did you always want to be a Planner? Is it difficult to become a Planner? Join a grad scheme or get experience?

10 Feb 2015

Alex Dobson asks Ben Essen, CSO at iris: What is Planning?What makes Planning challenging? Is it easy to get into Planning? Do Planners need experience?

22 Jan 2015

Alex Dobson asks Matthew Heath, Chairman & CSO at M&C Saatchi Group/LIDA: What is Planning? Did you always want to be a Planner?

22 Jan 2015

Alex Dobson asks Rebecca Moody, former CSO at Ogilvy & Mather: What is Planning? What makes a good Planner? What makes Planning challenging?

2 Apr 2001

Stephen King of JWT and Stanley Pollitt of BMP are the undisputed forefathers of account planning. In separate agencies, but at pretty much the same time, they started a revolution in the advertising world which has spread from the UK to other countries and from ad age...

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