Detailed Rules & Information

APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021

See below for a list of detailed rules and information for the APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021.

Last updated 25th September 2020

1. Entrants must be members of the APG. If there is more than one author at least one must be an APG member. (For authors from outside the UK, this rule does not apply)


2. The APG member(s) must be the presenter(s) to the final jury if the paper is shortlisted. If an author is not present at final judging, virtually or in person (depending on Covid restrictions at the time) their paper will be disqualified. (More about this in rule 15)

3. Your paper must be in written form and must not exceed 2,000 words. Please state the word-count at the end of your paper.

4. You must provide a summary of the paper (maximum 250 words) along with 1 image to represent your paper. This must be included in your paper immediately following the title page. This summary is not included in your final word count.

5. The creative work must have appeared in market between 5th April 2019 and 31st March 2021.


6. Your entry must be approved by the senior management of all the companies involved in the submission and by your senior client who has approved the entire contents of your paper for publication. You must submit the full names of the approvals with your entry, using the entry form.


7. Someone who has left an agency may write a paper under their own name on behalf of that agency, subject to agency and client approval.


8. An agency may submit a paper if the client has since left the agency, provided they have approval and sign-off from that client.


9. Where a person who worked on the strategy is no longer with the agency, then the paper may still be submitted by the agency providing that there is no misleading information about the origin of the ideas.


10. An agency may enter jointly with another agency and such collaboration is welcomed.


11. All entries will be submitted online.


12. All papers must be written in English and suitable translations of the work must be provided to allow English-speakers to judge the entry.


13. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form and payment of the appropriate fee.


14. The entry fee is £750* per paper plus VAT at 20%. A VAT receipt will be issued. Fees must be paid in GBP using the online payment system provided. If you have to withdraw your paper once it has been uploaded, the fee will be non-refundable. No paper can be cleared for judging unless the entry fee has been paid in full by the deadline. (*Prices may change)


15. If your paper is shortlisted, you will be expected to present your case to the judges in September 2021 – either in person in London (depending on Covid restrictions at the time), or by video call. If an author is not present at final judging, their paper will be disqualified.


16. For winning papers, presentation of the Award trophy will be to the principal author. Co-authors and contributing thinkers will be credited and will have the option of purchasing further trophies.

17. World copyright of each entry will pass to the APG and it is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that the approvals supplied under Rule 6 are adequate for this purpose.


18. Shortlisted papers will be published by the APG as “APG Creative Strategy Awards winners”. All papers entered into the competition may be published online or in book form by the APG or by WARC at the discretion of the APG.


19. Any data or information that you use to support your thinking must be included in the paper. You may not redact or hide data.


20. Amendments and additions to these rules, if any, will be published on this APG website.

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