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Bullet Proof Strategy

How to create and defend brilliant strategies with data
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Great strategy needs to be creative and lateral but is much more persuasive when underpinned with robust and credible data. Number confidence not only lets planners generate new and exciting insights, but also justify their strategic recommendations.

In this interactive one-day course, we’ll inspire you with the power of numbers, teach you the most important maths you’ll need as a planner, help you get to grips with data sets using Excel and then show you how to visualise your findings to tell the most compelling and persuasive stories.

Course Tutors
Frank Durden

Frank Durden

Brand and Marketing Consultant

Frank Durden is a multi-talented strategist, planner, client and consultant. He has an MBA and a particular interest in, and understanding of business strategy. He was marketing director of a major company and has also won many industry awards including IPA, Effies and of course the APG. As an agency planner at WCRS and Ogilvy, he worked on many creatively lauded brands such as Orange, 118 118 and Dove, enabling his clients to add over $1bn in brand value. He now runs his own consultancy, Frank & Friends, helping clients and agencies take a more strategic and business orientated view of how they approach marketing and communications.

Kate Waters

Kate Waters

Director of Client Strategy and Planning

Previously, Kate was the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Now Advertising. Kate was a Strategy Partner at Engine, and one of the Government’s leading advisers on behaviour change strategy, responsible for anti-smoking and the Change for Life campaigns. She was the planner on the British Heart Foundation’s famous (infamous) ‘Fatty Cigarette’ campaign. She now works at ITV as Director of Client Strategy and Planning

Alex Steer

Alex Steer

Chief Product Officer
Wavemaker UK

I am a senior marketing analytics, effectiveness and technology lead, with experience in Chief Product/Strategy Officer roles in media and digital agencies. My focus is on improving marketing effectiveness through better use of data, technology, tools and processes, and through more consistent strategic planning. I have a strong track record of creating scalable, meaningful change for global brands, and in particular at transforming agency offers in analytics, marketing technology and data-driven marketing.

Sameer Modha

Sameer Modha

Analytical Manager

Sameer has worked in every kind of agency except PR (including particularly long stints at Mindshare and JWT), and on most categories except, for some bizarre reason, petfood. He has shifted over the course of his career from being a consumer of research and analysis to being a producer, and currently runs a team of analysts at Google. In his spare time he likes taking things apart and putting them back together again, and wants his epitaph to be 'If it ain't broke, break it.

Simon Wall

Simon Wall

Director of Analytics
Now Advertising

Director of Analytics at Now Advertising. Simon was co-founder of the Data Consultancy Fuel in 2003. They were acquired by the Engine Group in 2008 and Simon continued to lead the business until 2012 when he decided he’d had enough of management and wanted to get his hands dirty again. He’s looked after Data and Analytics across a range of sectors for clients including Toyota, Wickes, The Mirror, Nuffield Health, Visit Wales, OVO Energy and COI. Simon studied Physics with Space Science and Systems at University so is in a minority who can use the phrase “It’s not rocket science” with authority.

Who is this course aimed at?

This one-day APG course is intended for mid-weight planners with 2-7 years experience in all kinds of communications agencies, who are capable strategists but need to improve their numerical craft skills.

What will you learn?

The 4 main parts of the day cover different skills with different expert tutors. Specifically you will:​

  1. Learn the key bits of maths and stats that are relevant to the day to day work of strategists and planners, how to apply them, and important questions to have at your fingertips.

  2. Learn about the practical application of data and numbers in creating more effective strategies, with examples and case histories and the chance to have a go yourself.

  3. Do an intensive, practical session on getting the best out of excel. This will be tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group.

  4. Get really good at using numbers to tell strategic stories.


Led by Kate Waters, CSO at Now Advertising, and with sessions taught by Alex Steer, Frank Durden and Simon Wall, this course is ideal for mid-weight planners and strategists who would benefit from boosting their numerical craft skills.

Course Details
What are the hours?

1 full day


What is the cost?

£550+VAT (APG Membership required)


When is it?

Next Course: TBC

Please note, the sessions will not be recorded/filmed and we can’t offer catch-up sessions on future courses, if for any reason you can’t attend.

Who is it aimed at?
What will you learn?
Course Details
Course Tutors
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If you are interested in attending this Training Course, please e-mail Alison Trotter at 

APG Training Course Cancellation Policy
  • Should you cancel your booking for an APG training course, the following cancellation policy will apply: For a cancellation made more than 30 calendar days in advance of the training course, a full rebate will be applied. For a cancellation more than ten calendar days in advance of the training course, a rebate of 50% will be applied. For a cancellation less than ten days in advance of the training course no rebate will be applied.

  • Training sessions will not be recorded/filmed and we can’t offer catch-up sessions on future courses, if for any reason you can’t attend.

  • On occasion we may need to re-schedule training sessions - we reserve the right to do this at any time although we will aim to give you as much notice as possible.

  • Attendance on Training Courses is entirely at the discretion of APG. There is no automatic right to attendance.

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