Holding your own with Senior Clients - Understanding Dynamics of Business

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Course Description

‘I feel like I’ve had a mini MBA in a day’

This is a highly successful APG Training Course for Senior Planners in understanding the dynamics of client businesses, what drives corporate strategy, why it’s fundamental to how you do your job and what you need to know to do your job much better.

A Campaign article asked last year whether Planners are becoming the go-to people as clients become more demanding.  In amongst the positivity expressed about Planners’ talents and abilities to advise clients effectively in a tough economic environment was a quote from Toshiba’s Marketing Director, Matt McDowell who claimed he wouldn’t let Planners near his data any more because…’they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Planners don’t have the depth and knowledge of business that we have.  I’d never let them anywhere near my Board.’

As senior people advising clients we’re highly proficient in a number of specialised areas, and as agencies become more specialized, so does our expertise. What we often lack is a more general depth of understanding about the nature of decision-making at a corporate level, how this impacts on the decisions about marketing and advertising investment, and how our advice is received.

This course is designed to give you the confidence to face the Boardroom. It aims to demystify finance and make apparently obscure aspects of corporate strategy manageable and understandable.  For example you will take a look at critically important ideas such as shareholder value, value growth, and why debt can be a good thing. There will be plenty of hands-on exercises, case studies and live examples to bring all the theory to life, in the context of businesses that you come across every day.  You will come away with practical hints and tips about how to research and understand existing and potential clients, articulate a story about how their business works, how successful it is and what issues are facing it.

Who is it aimed at?

Senior Planners and Strategists in all kinds of communications agencies, as well as marketing and brand consultancies.

What did delegates have to say about the tutor?

Rachel's reputation is formidable and we are delighted to welcome her onto our APG training programme.  According to Professor Richard Jolly of The London Business School she is “by far the best I have ever seen on this; she makes it all crystal clear”. She is frequently called in to advise directors who have just been appointed to the Board or who are preparing to embark on a major transaction. She recently ran a three-hour seminar for our ‘Planning Leaders of Tomorrow’ and it was universally thought to be excellent.  Such was the positivity of the feedback we have invited Rachel to run a one-day course for us.

This is what the delegates had to say:

"Inspirational speaker & subject matter!!"

- Strategic Planner, Digital Agency

"Who knew the novels that lay hidden beneath financial figures? Learned a huge amount in 3 hours."

- Head of Audiences, Broadcaster

"Rarely seen financial principles explained so well and never in context of our business of comms."

- Senior Planner, Creative Agency

"Loved this. What we don’t do enough (reach outside of the classic planning ‘skills’ and put our minds in the place of the CEO. Emphasising that it’s not all about comms/advertising."

- Planning Director, Creative Agency

"Genuinely helped me understand stuff I didn’t fully understand before. Practical tips on assessing a company’s financial status. Sparked curiosity in financial affairs."

- Senior Planner, Broadcaster

"I feel like I’ve had a mini MBA in a day."

- Board Account Planner

"Brilliant tutor with a sharp incisive commercial point of view and a very good story teller."

- European Head of Planning

"One of the most convincingly competent training presentations I’ve seen in the industry."

- Senior Planner

"Absolute mastery of material."

- Independent Strategy Consultant

Course Details


This course is priced at £550+vat*

*APG Membership is required. Please go here for more information.


Tues 24th Nov and Tues 1st Dec - 1.30-5.30pm (GMT)


1.30-5.30pm (GMT)


Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy


Rachel Murphy is the course tutor. Rachel advises senior clients one-to-one at Board level and also helps train senior people in top advertising agencies. Rachel is the founding partner of RJM Consult...

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