How to Sell Strategic Ideas

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Workshop Description

However good your strategy, brief or the creative work that it has inspired, you still need to land the strategic thinking with the client for the work to be made and the idea to survive the often arduous process of campaign or idea development. And the best thinking or the best ideas don’t always get through as this is often the stage with maximum jeopardy but minimum effective preparation.

So we’ve created this APG workshop with Warwick Cairns of The Effectiveness Partnership.

It’s all about persuading other people to come round to your way of thinking, as Dale Carnegie asserted back in the 1930’s in his infamous ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

A lot has changed since then. But the important elements of those early models have been confirmed by contemporary psychological research, BE and computer modelling.

This half-day course provides a short, snappy, practical and theoretical grounding in where we are now when it comes to selling your ideas, and what you can do to improve your chances of professional and personal success.

What will you learn?

Through a combination of presentations, whole-group Q&A sessions and small group work, you will learn:​

  • How to quickly establish common ground with your audience, whether online or in person

  • How to excite – and hold - your audience’s attention

  • How to take control of the terms your solution will be judged by

  • How to ‘frame’ a challenge or opportunity for maximum urgency and impact

  • How to build a ‘choice architecture’ to nudge your audience to your chosen solution

  • How to make your audience feel your conclusions are their own

  • How to significantly increase your success-rate when it comes to selling any idea, strategy or product.

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Warwick Cairns

Warwick Cairns

Consultant, Strategist, Author

After 25 years as a board-level Planning Director at top London agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi and AMV.BBDO, and a spell as Head of Planning at branding agency Brandhouse, Warwick joined The Effect...

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