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Workshops can be some of the most useful and productive time you spend at work. They can also end up unstructured, messy, and a waste of everyone’s time.

Nevertheless they remain a hugely helpful way of trying to come up with new ideas, define a direction, or pull a team behind a strategy. And if you are a Planner or Strategist it’s likely to be you in the hot seat, organising and leading it.

A Really Useful Workshop is not rocket science but it does need a lot of thought, careful planning and an understanding of how to run it and how to get the best out of people.

So we’ve got together with Julian Saunders to pull together all the thinking and tools you need into a rocket-fuelled 3 hours of the theory and practice of running a really good one.

The emphasis is on having a go, using templates that you can flex to your requirements and with top tips to take away.

What will you learn?

  • How to plan and set up your session

  • How to be confident running it and how to overcome problems and obstacles you may encounter

  • How to plan different kinds of workshops: Workshops to give direction & workshops about coming up with ideas

  • A series of model workshop designs for you to adapt your own purposes.


Julian Saunders

Julian Saunders


Julian Saunders has worked as a strategist in most disciplines and recently in The Zoo at Google, where his role was to advise clients about effective marketing on digital platforms. He works directly...

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