How to do Integrated Planning

A Training Course with Will Humphrey and Oliver Feldwick

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Course Tutors
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Will Humphrey

Strategy Director

Wunderman Thompson

Hello! I'm a Strategy Director at Wunderman Thompson. I have an integrated background, having worked in major Advertising, PR, CRM and Digital agencies. I've devised strategies for work that spans from an award-winning experiential VR Garden for Cancer Research, to a TV show for Budweiser at Anomaly, right through to reinvigorating the CRM for O2's Priority platform at LIDA. I have founded and run a planning department at Edelman (the world's largest PR firm), as well as running many successful new business pitches; from the PR for Samsung's 2012 Olympics bid, right through to Land Rover's CRM program or Norwegian Air's brand direction. Professionally, my goal is simple; to help create and shape great, forward thinking work. If you want to find out more about how I think, check out Finally, i'm also very interested in mentoring junior people and helping and encouraging young people to join the advertising and communications sphere. I co-founded AdGrads, a popular graduate blog. The best of it now resides at the AdMISSION, a blog I co-write with the IPA, the advertising industry's governing body.

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Oliver Feldwick

Head of Innovation


I was, perhaps, destined to end up in advertising. Son of a planner and a qualitative researcher, my early years were spent watching ad-reels instead of postman pat. This was followed by a wasted youth of computer gaming, programming and tinkering. And then jobs in research, digital and integrated agencies. Now working at The&Partnership as Head of Innovation. As a Philosophy graduate, I worry about the ethics of advertising and think the industry is at an important turning point with digital marketing. I explored this theme in my 2016 Admap Essay, "The Uncanny Valley of Personalisation", which explored the pitfalls of personalisation in advertising and how to avoid them. I have since written a Dissertation for the IPA Excellence Diploma on “Unleashing Cyborg Creativity”. I also like trains, obscure walking tours, police procedurals and buying books that I will never get round to reading. I also cook a fabulous bolognese.

Course Description

Life is complicated for planners, with mass fragmentation, lack of time, feeding the content beast and proliferating channels.


And what do you do if you’re working in a particular discipline, and have to make sure your piece of the communications puzzle is strategically thought through.


You need to have a grip on all the channels, how they work, and how the disciplines come together. And deal with questions like:

  • What SHOULD your Instagram strategy be?

  • How can you produce work for that programmatic activation that doesn’t just animate the print ad?

  • Could that PR survey become the basis for your overall strategy?

  • How does any of it link to the business strategy?

This APG course is run by Will Humphrey, Strategy Director at Wunderman Thompson and Oliver Feldwick, Head of Innovation at The&Partnership

What does it cover?
  • An introduction to the principles of integrated planning

  • Some 'war stories' from the front line of integrated planning with lessons learned

  • A series of practical guidelines and ways of working that will help shape your approach to problem solving, and some have-a-go exercises

  • Working through a live example from first principles to the shape of a strategy, with feedback and the chance to talk through your and other peoples' approaches

  • A series of essential but applicable lessons that you can use at your desk, on your clients, the next day.

Who is it for?

This is going to be super useful to mid-weight planners and strategists working on multi-disciplinary teams across agencies and disciplines, who want to learn more about how to navigate the complex world of multiple changing channels and competing channel-based strategies. It's designed to help you get a grip on the problems and see a way through with clear strategic principles and lots of practical advice.​

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Really useful insights and tips on how to be better at my job.

- Planning & Inclusivity Lead, Digital Agency

Really good course, interesting content and two very interesting presenters.

- Senior Strategist, Marketing Agency

Very interesting course that gave me a lot to think about. Teachers were excellent and did a very good job of holding the course online.

-  Media Strategist, Creative Agency