Long Term Thinking Award

APG Creative Strategy Awards 2021

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Long Term Thinking is a category in the 2021 APG Creative Strategy Awards and you can enter a paper explicitly into that category.

Long Term Thinking is a campaign for a brand that has run for 5 years plus and is still running.

We will be awarding the strategic thinking that has successfully guided the brand or business over that time.

You can enter a brand or campaign for both the Long Term Thinking category and the 2021 (two year) awards if you so wish; the thrust of the entries will be very different.

The Long Term Thinking entries can use up to 3,000 words as opposed to the 2,000 word limit on the other papers.

Long term thinking papers will be judged as a separate category at shortlisting and final judging. Shortlisting judges will nominate the papers they think worthy of an award.

The final judges will award Gold, Silver or Bronze based on the points system like all other papers that are shortlisted.

Entry guidelines and costs will be the same as the Creative Strategy Awards.

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