Membership Benefits

  • Member only access to the 2019 APG Awards case studies on-line (as PDF)



  • A variety of member-only training and educational events



  • Reduced or free access to certain partner events


  • Notification of all training and events

NB: Attendance at training courses and events is entirely at the discretion of APG. There is no automatic right to attendance.

We offer several different types of Membership. Have a look below to find the one that best suits you. Keep in mind that APG Membership works on an individual basis.

Individual (UK)

£160+vat / year

Only available for residents inside the UK

Block (5 people)

£700+vat / year

Works out to £140 per person

Only available for UK residents

Individual (Overseas)

£110+vat / year

Only available for residents outside the UK



Can I extend my membership?

Can I cancel my membership?

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