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A Nosey into the Future - Visuals, Brands, and Why We Buy

As market researchers, we spend our days delving into the minds of others. So when the APG organised an evening of neuro- multi-sensory -delight, we got involved.

Phil Barden set up the evening with some sturdy knowledge introducing cognitive fluency – an extension to Daniel Kahneman’s theory; that isn’t based on a rational or emotional response (at this point I was extremely grateful for the free book!). ‘No brainer’ puzzles followed that demonstrated our system 1 thinking and the explanation of framing brands was very interesting too. However my favourite bit was the golden nugget of insight into why we buy, which was both illuminating and amusing!

When the net value between reward and pain is the same = WE BUY!

So if you’ve ever toiled over buying something crazy expensive you might have experienced this more consciously? For example, see below:

He also explored lots of other neuro-sciencey gems that explained how brand perceptions and experiences directly influence our purchase decisions, which is all very useful and relevant in our research practice and something we will consider taking back to the table.

So before moving on, we would highly recommend you checking out his book ‘Decoded’.

Next up was Sam Bompas, co-founder of Bompas & Parr; the Kings of all things fine, English and jelly. The self-confessed ‘poor man’s Heston Blumenthal’ also creates spectacular culinary events.

He wowed us not just with his choice of trouser, but also multi-sensory fireworks, flavoured retail units, cocktail organs, and last but not least - a bottle of snake oil lube!

He also frazzled a gherkin to demonstrate his ‘crap lightbulb’ idea, which he made an entire chandelier from. They contain just enough water to conduct electricity and resulted in creating a glowing, veggie-like LED. Cool huh?!

He goes on to convince us “isn’t the world a marvellous place!”

Indeed it is. Bompas wonderfully complimented Barden by reinforcing the importance of the multi-sensory – sound, shape, colour and smell and the impact it can have on our perceptions and senses.

The evening was finished-off with some ‘guess-the-flavour-of-the-jelly’ tasting…and of course some delicious Google snacks.

Here’s Jared and James tucking in…

Sarah Brookes

The Nursery

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