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10 GOLDEN RULES for a Strategy of Influence

On Friday we announced the winners of the 2015 APG Creative Strategy Awards. Congratulations to all of the worthy winners!

As this year's theme was 'Strategies of Influence' I thought I would set out what it takes to create, advocate and execute a Strategy of Influence, drawn from what we saw, what we heard and what we learnt from the outstanding winning cases.

So, here are the 10 Bronze, Silver and Golden Rules that can help turn a strategy, into a Strategy of Influence:

  • Don’t just create communications, create a new philosophy for doing business

  • Do notice the small things in life; don’t keep your questions about them to yourself

  • Sometimes it’s about creating the right conditions for your idea to flourish

  • Have confidence and persevere: keep going, never give up.

  • You’ve got an idea? Think about how it could be 10 x bigger!

  • But if you want behavior change, ask a lot of people do as little as possible

  • Understand the community that loves your brand and create something special just for them

  • Encourage the people who work for a brand to think of themselves in a unique way

  • Notice your own prejudices and assumptions and try to lay them to one side

  • Attitude sometimes makes up for aptitude. But influence is a blend of both

You can see who won what here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Tracey Follows

APG Chair

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