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New Skills-Based Training Programme for 2016

During the latter part of 2015 we did a review of our training to make sure that it’s giving you what you need. We asked all of our trainers and London’s top strategists for their guidance and the result is the re-shaped programme you see here. The idea is to reflect the changing roles, skills and demands of planners and strategists working in agencies and companies as diverse as our membership and offer a broad array of training opportunities of different kinds to address those changing needs.

The overall purpose of our programme champions creative strategy as a way of delivering business advantage. We think that this has relevance across the spectrum of problems strategists need to solve and drives solutions that are creative and effective.

To do this we went back to the survey of APG members in 2015 and looked at the skills you say you need more of over time. We then got together a core team to think about the skills that people need at different stages of their career and in different circumstances, and created a simple framework of skills including Core Skills, Extended Skills and Leadership Skills.

These are deliberately not based on years of experience but type of experience, and allow for the fact you may sometimes need to fill out your current level, sometimes step back a level to brush up on your skills and sometimes step up a level to learn new approaches and ways of working.

At the Core level we are talking about people just starting out in the industry or changing discipline within planning or moving into planning from another job or career. At the Extended level the focus is on people who are responsible for the thinking on their brands or need to extend their skills into new areas or are missing some classic skills; and at the Leadership level it’s people who are driving the thinking on a portfolio of accounts, have departmental or management responsibilities or are shortly to be promoted to a very senior role.

The result of this thinking is a new programme that retains the best of our current courses, adds some new ones where key new skills need to be learned, and innovates with a menu of ‘Taster Workshops’ to cover off important skills not taught as part of our courses, but deserving of special attention.

Go here to see the full menu of skills and Courses and Taster Workshops that we have planned to teach those skills. We are in the process of developing the Workshops and will announce them as each is ready.

Sarah Newman

APG Director


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