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Is working life working for you?

The APG launched the ‘Right to Disconnect’ a couple of years ago. The idea was to encourage agencies to change working practices to protect the mental health and creativity of their people. Then the pandemic wrought some fundamental changes in how we work, for good and ill. As we experiment with hybrid working we want to know how it is working for you and the whole Planning community, and how we should re-think the Right to Disconnect for a changed environment. We have been discussing this in one of our Heads of Planning Forums and have put together a very short and very simple questionnaire. It will literally take 4 minutes to do (more if you have lots of opinions to share; that is optional) Do please let us know what you think. Huge thanks to Charlotte Mulley of MullenLowe and Liz Baines of Engine and the others in the sparky Heads of Planning Forum for getting this going.


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