APG Strategy Conference 2016

Strategy vs Robots


Baroness Susan Greenfield / Steve Hilton / Russell Davies

Richard Watson / Frances Ralston-Good / Dom Boyd

Tracey Follows / Amelia Torode / Rushi Bhavsar


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25th May 2016

Royal Institution, London

Baroness Susan Greenfield
The Human Brain & the the Environment of the Screen

Baroness Susan Greenfield is a neuroscientist a special interest in how technology impacts our personalities by affecting our neurochemistry
Interview with Steve Hilton
A conversation between Steve Hilton & Tracey Follows, covering a variety of topics including: government; politics and policy making; education and its current failings
Richard Watson
The Biggest Danger for Strategists is Humans Expecting Less of Each Other

We need to realise that we are individuals, shaped from individual experiences
Rushi Bhavsar
Learning to Work with Machines that Learn

Rushi Bhavsar is a WPP Fellow and Planner at Grey London. He is a prime example of a brilliant human mind embracing the powerful opportunities of technology
Frances Ralston-Good
AI Will Never Replace Humans in Agencies

Frances Ralston-Good, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Omnicom Media Group, sheds a light on how the media industry is changing to adapt to the emerging AI technology
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How tech will influence how we work
1 Jun 2016 | Alexi Gunner

While APG’s Strategy vs Robots event at the Royal Institution discussed many of the multifaceted relationships between technology and the human brain...
Things Work Best at the Human Level
3 Jun 2016 | Rosie Collins

Steve Hilton’s thinking covers a variety of topics including: government; politics and policy making; education and its current failings; health care; food; corporate bureaucracy; the role of capitalism...
It’s not the size of your technology
3 Jun 2016 | Miles Zilesnick

In large organisations, especially government, it’s very easy to get wound up in the confusion of what technology is right, what is better, what is quicker etc....
Bikeshedding & Tech Relations
2 Jun 2016 | by Simon Carr

Every facet of creative development could / should be outsourced to bots and algos that we can filter and take the best of. That to me sounds exciting.
Should I hire a robot?
26 May 2016 | Jane Hovey

Embracing tech could mean one day having a robot in the team. A robot now could take some of the guesswork out, to focus on some of the detail...
Technology vs Machinery.
26 May 2016 | Phil Adams

Russell Davies talked about the “machinery of government”. Steve Hilton talked about the “machinery of political funding” in the States.
A Definition of Thinking
3 June 2016 | Rosie Collins

The environment of the screen – computers, iPads, smartphones - are having greater influence on our brains and they offer a parallel universe...
12 things we learned
25 June 2016| Sam Knowles

From Baroness Susannah Greenfield, the audience learned that (1) thinking is movement for the brain...
A few ideas from Julian Saunders
25 June 2016 | Julian Saunders

Steve Hilton may sound modern (took his shoes off in public/wore T-Shirt etc) but his ideas are really a reworking of ideas
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Baroness Susan Greenfield

Scientist, Writer & Broadcaster

APG Strategy vs Robots

Susan Greenfield is a research scientist, author and broadcaster based in Oxford. She has held research fellowships in the Department of Physiology Oxford, the College de France Paris, and NYU Medical Center New York. She has since been awarded 32 Honorary Degrees from British and foreign universities. In 2000 she was elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians. Further international recognition of her work has included the ‘Golden Plate Award’ (2003) from the Academy of Achievement, Washington, the L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (2003), from the French Government, and the 2010 Australian Medical Research Society Medal.


She has recently held a Visiting Professorship at the Medical School, University of Melbourne, Australia for the month of November 2014, 2015, and now 2016. She currently holds a Senior Research Fellowship at Oxford University, Lincoln College and is founder and CEO of a biotech company (www.neuro-bio.com) that is developing a novel anti-Alzheimer drug based on her research exploring novel brain mechanisms linked to neurodegeneration.

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