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APG 'Top Talks' 2020

A series of online talks from interesting and inspiring strategy leaders

In 2020 we hosted a number of Top Talks by top strategists. We've asked them to choose topics that they are passionate about or think will be of most use to the APG community. Some will have specific relevance to the times we are in, and others will have more general interest and applicability. They will all be good! They will be about 30-45 minutes long.
They are an APG member benefit and therefore for members only.

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We will be housing video's and decks from the past top talks on our Think Tank so you'll be able to watch back any moments you missed. 

How to Construct an Argument

31st March 2020

Kevin Chesters.jpg

Speaker: Kevin Chesters, Strategy Partner at Harbour London

Evaluating Creative Work (especially online)

15th April 2020

Speaker: Will Humphrey is Strategy Director at Wunderman Thomson

Lifting the Lid on Ramadan and Muslims

27th April 2020

Speaker: Omar El-Gammal, Planning Director at Wunderman Thompson

Win-Win (Media) Planning

6th May 2020

Speaker: David Wilding, Twitter

Survivorship bias and my endless privilege: Ask Me Anything

20th May 2020

Speaker: Russell Davies, CMO at Bulb

How to have ideas?

4th June 2020

Speaker: Richard Storey, Global Chief Strategy Officer at M&C Saatchi

History in the Tweeting. (Looking back to look ahead) 

30th June 2020

Speakers: David Wilding, Director of Planning at Twitter UK

Who is the target market for creativity?

28th July 2020

Speaker: Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK

 The Messy Middle & The Sharp Edges: How Ideas Really Happen

19th August 2020

Speaker: Sandie Dilger, Head Of Strategy at Ogilvy

The 'Messy Middle': Where Consumer Decisions are Shaped

1st October 2020

Speaker: Gerald Breatnach, Head of Strategic Insights at Google UK

Ecoffectiveness: The missing measure in a climate crisis

25th November 2020

Speakers: Ben Essen, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Iris and Caroline Davison, Managing Partner & Sustainability Lead at ELVIS

New Building Super Brands in the Digital Age (and Covid Context)

2nd April 2020

Speaker: Oli Feldwick, Head of Innovation at The&Partnership 

Don't Waste This

22nd April 2020

Speaker: John Shaw, CSO & CIO at Superunion

10 Things We’ve Learned (and wish someone had told us earlier)

 30th April 2020

Speakers: Craig Mawdsley & Bridget Angear, Joint CSO's of AMV BBDO

The Dark Arts for Dark Times

12th May 2020

Speaker: Martin Beverley, CSO at adam&eveDDB

The Consolations of Art

21st May 2020

Speaker: Jim Carroll, Brand and Communication Consultant, Carroll Jones LLP; Former UK Chairman at Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Planning Your Next Career Move

15th June 2020

Speakers: Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy at BBH and Martin Beverley, CSO at Adam and Eve DDB

The desperate and never-ending search for insights

2nd July 2020

Speaker: Loz Horner, Strategist at Lucky Generals

It mostly goes wrong; What we can learn from failure

6th August 2020

Speaker: Craig Mawdsley, Joint Chief Strategy Officer at AMV BBDO

Age of Rage and the Battle for Trust

26th August 2020

Speaker: Steven Lacey, Founder of 'The Outsiders'

Is Planning on the Right Side of History?

9th December 2020

Speaker: CEO at Grey Consulting, Speaker & Writer

6 Strategies For Playing Monopoly
(or what planners can learn from boardgames)

9th April 2020

Speaker: Oli Feldwick, Head of Innovation at The&Partnership 

Cool Numbers and How to Use Them

23rd April 2020

Speaker: Kate Waters, Director of Client Strategy at ITV

Persuasive Presentations

4th May 2020

Speaker: James Caig, Consultant Strategist, Facilitator and Trainer

Getting ahead of the Covid-19 curve

13th May 2020