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APG 'Top Talks' 2021

A series of online talks from interesting and inspiring strategy leaders

This year we will be putting on a host of Top Talks by top strategists. We've asked them to choose topics that they are passionate about or think will be of most use to the APG community. Some will have specific relevance to the times we are in, and others will have more general interest and applicability. They will all be good! They will be about 30-45 minutes long.
They are an APG member benefit and therefore for members only.

Keep an eye out for our next Top Talk here. In the meantime, you can still watch all the Top Talks we ran in 2020 here or view our 2021 Top Talks below. 

We will be housing video's and decks from the past top talks on our Think Tank so you'll be able to watch back any moments you missed. 

The Rise of Online Political Advertising: A 'Moral Panic'

30th June 2021

Kate-Dommett large.jpg

Speaker: Dr Kate Dommett and Dr Tom Stafford, University of Sheffield

Field Notes on Activist Strategy

24th March 2021

Phil Adams.jpg

Speaker: Phil Adams, Founder and brand strategy adviser at I Know Some People Ltd

Go Luck Yourself

16th February 2021

Andy Nairn.png

Speaker: Andy Nairn, Author of 'Go Luck Yourself' and Founding Partner at Lucky Generals

What Brands can Learn from Studying Gangs

22nd June 2021

Kevin Chesters.jpg

Speaker: Kevin Chesters, Strategy Partner at Harbour London

'Brandsplaining' with Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts

10th March 2021

Home Page.png

Speakers: Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts, Authors of 'Brandsplaining' and Founders of PLH Research

Why Creativity Needs Conflict

1st June 2021

Ian Leslie

Speaker: Ian Leslie, Author, Speaker and Strategist

Finding Inspiration in Visual Culture (sponsored by Pinterest)

27th January 2021

Raquel Chicourel

Speaker: Raquel Chicourel, CSO at Grey London

“APG Top Talks is an invaluable service to all planners regardless of the level and experience. It provides us all the sense of a community that has an important role to play during this pandemic, and somehow in a world of isolation you feel closer to people you admire or follow consistently.”


“The APG Top Talks have been my motivation at tough times. They're fantastic to watch on demand with a morning coffee.”


“I've used the Top Talks as a way to continue my "training." They have helped me feel guided (and productive) during frequent work lulls.”


“The remote webinars have been excellent. it means I can attend events that would have ordinarily have been 300 miles away.”


“APG Top Talks are a great way to stimulate my mind, see other planners and have a bit of a discussion.”

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