APG Young Planners exists for four reasons:


Basic Skills

To help those new to Planning develop the basic skills of the trade.


Social Space

To help Young Planners meet and get to know one another, and build up their own personal network.

Safe Environment

To be a space, away from their offices and bosses where Young Planners can feel like they can ask any question.



To give Young Planners access to insights and ideas from the best Planning minds to really inspire them.

What makes a Planner tick?
1 June 2017 | Lexi Campbell

Last week at the Guardian, APG Young Planners met for the third time this year to dig deep into the minds of five top Planners and Strategists all from different types of agency.
12 Interview Tips for Planners
25 Feb 2016 | Simon White

Top tips for anyone looking to step into planning and strategy. A must read for anyone starting out
10 Characteristics of a Planner
3 March 2017 | Lexi Campbell

On 20th April 2017, 60 lucky APG Young Planners spent an evening with Jim Carroll, the former Chairman and Planning Director of BBH London, as he reflected on his 30 years in advertising.
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